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Learn to bake a delicious iced sandwich cake! Sara the Chef will teach you exactly how to mix the ingredients. You will use a real recipe that you can follow at home! Combine mix o [...]
Visit the bridal confectionery, and design the perfect wedding cake! Mix butter, eggs and other ingredients in a bowl. Make a three-tier cake, and beat the meringue! Choose any col [...]
This busy princess organized tea with her friends in one of the warmest and most beautiful cafes in the kingdom. Can you help her choose the decoration and the type of food that wi [...]
Prepare many different types of tasty food with the Snow Queen! Elsa's refrigerator is full of fruits, vegetables, and fresh meats. Choose any item you want, and understand wh [...]
Have you always dreamed of spending an afternoon with Barbie? Today you can help her cook a pizza for her friend Fatima. She has already bought all the ingredients, it is only nece [...]
Barbie wants you to help her cook a delicious birthday cake for her friend. In this game you can create a delicious three-tier cake as you wish, delicious! Creating birthday cake b [...]
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